Zahrul Syed Bakht

Group Chief Financial Officer

Join Date: 2007
Phone: +88-02-8831188

Zahrul Syed Bakht has been part of the company since 2007. For the company he has been focusing on financial re-engineering and had made aamra technologies limited (ATL) public-listed.

Mr. Bakht has been part of the company since 2007. He currently became successful on turning aamra networks limited (ANL) into public-listed company. Internally he has been arranging financial support to provide aamra resources limited (ARL) with a state-of-the-art factory office building. Furthermore he is working intently to make IT Intelligent Building for ANL in Chittagong, where internet is one of the prior needs for all the clients.

Mr. Bakht had completed CMA from Canada and upon returning, he had gained a huge experience in Bangladesh market in restoring companies, brings to public & makes them listed in stock exchanges in Bangladesh. He served as a Director of Finance in Green Delta Insurance Company Limited prior to his joining at aamra companies as Group CFO in Human resource to help attain their business goals.